June 8, 1969
Live at the Palomino Club, North Hollywood, CA

Almost 15 years ago, a friend of mine told me that a co-worker of his had recorded the Flying Burrito Brothers in the late '60s. As the story goes, the guy was something of an audiophile and had recorded this show on reel to reel in stereo, of sorts, with one mic on the stage and another spread far apart.

While the recording had circulated before, the guy went back to his original reels and did what was described as a "meticulous transfer." I don't know if it was done on a computer or on a standalone, but what was sent to me were two CD-Rs. I'm pretty sure they were straight off his DAT or the CD-R set he had made for himself direct from the reels. The quality of his transfer was superior to anything I had heard before. The lineage here is Master Reel > DAT or CD-R > CD-R(1) > FLAC.

The credits below are from the notes he sent to me with the discs. Some titles and spellings differ slightly from what's listed on some websites as are the order of the sets. You make the call.

The Band: Gram Parsons, Chris Hillman, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, Michael Clarke and Chris Ethridge, joined by Clarence White

Jimmy Morris takes lead vocals on "Life in Prison" and "Hungry Eyes," and sings on "High on a Hilltop"

Part One
1. Sing Me Back Home
2. Train Song
3. Dream Baby (with reprise)
4. She Once Lived Here
5. Get Ourselves Together
6. Long Black Limousine
7. Dark End of The Street
8. She Thinks I Still Care
9. Undo the Right/Somebody's Back In Town
10. Lucille
11. I Threw Away The Rose
12. You Win Again

Part Two
1. Buckaroo
2. Sweet Mental Revenge
3. Another Place Another Time
4. Life In Prison
5. Hungry Eyes/High On A Hill Top
6. Sing Me Back Home
7. Hot Burrito #1
8. Hot Burrito #2
9. Train Song
10. Everybody Loves A Winner

Hope you find this worthwhile. Check the MP3 sample below to decide if this represents an upgrade.

Butterking, for JEMS