Flying Burrito Brothers
Seattle Pop Festival, Woodinville, WA.
July 27 1969

01 Close Up The Honkytonks
02 Dark End of the Street
03 (Sweet) Mental Revenge
04 Image Of Me
05 Christine's Tune (Devil in Disguise)
06 Sin City
07 Out Of Control
08 Wake Up Little Susie
09 You Win Again
10 We've Got To Get Ourselves Together
11 She Thinks I Still Care
12 Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream)
13 Lucille
14 Take A Message To Mary
15 Train Song

SBD > ? > bootleg CD ("Flying the Friendly Skies") > EAC > CoolEdit Pro 2.1 (removal of pops at beginning of each track) > SHNTool > MKW > SHN by unknown in the early 2000s.

> WAV > FLAC + corrected info. + checksums by amellowsoul (Tom Shyman) in late Oct. 2013.

Well, I had to do it. I took me quite a while to find a lossless source to this show. All version I ever saw online were lossy MP3. Lucky for me, someone heard my call, and gave me the old SHN files of which the MP3 versions come from. I checked, when I decoded to WAV to make sure, via T.L.H., to make sure they were indeed lossless. Sure enough, woohoo! I turned those WAV into FLAC, as SHN is pretty much dead in the water, while FLAC is fast becoming the main standard of lossless compression. I thought I was done, but then I saw several typos, and errors, in the setlist. These are corrected by internet research, and asking a few big fans of this band. Lastly, a .ffp and .md5 were added to keep everything in order for the future passing of this material. The Winona, MN material, that was with this show, when in the SHN, will be shared by itself. My many thanks to G.C. for helping me obtain this. If you have this show with a known lineage, before the bootleg issue, feel free to let me know, or share with the world!

As always, enjoy,
-Tom Shyman (