Flying Burrito Brothers - Ca' De Matt, Gallarate, Italy, July 19th 1980, feat. Skip Battin SBD from master.

1st time in Italy.

Disc One :

1. Intro > California (some sound problems at the beginning)
2. Mr. Spacemen
3. Wheels
4. Loud, Loud Music
5. White Line Fever
6. Hot Burrito #2 (last notes fades out)
7. Come Back To Me
8. Another Cup Of Coffee
9. Hickory Wind (last not cut)
10. You Aint Goin' Nowhere
11. Band Intro > Diggy Diggy Low....

Disc Two :

1. The River Road
2. Rollin' Im My Sweet Baby's Arms
3. No Teardrops Tonight
4. It Don't Happen.....
5. Big B. You Carry Me Home
6. Oh Sweet Baby Take A Whiff On Me >
7. Devil In Disguise
8. Louisiana Man
9. Six Days on the Road (jump in on the first note, 1 drop)

Encores :

10. Dixie Breakdown medley *
11. Mr Tambourine Man *

*unfortunally the sound is distorted on the last 2 tracks

Despite this soundboard recording has some little problems (some cuts, drops etc.), this show
is really unique and barely circulated before, a must have for any Burrito's fans.

Master cassette > Nakamichi > amplifiers > tascam audio cdrw750 > cd > computer > plex tool professional XL > wav > flac.

Recorded, transfered, & uploaded by 38f on Dime, March 2007.