BBC Session,
30 January 1973

Ken Garner's book says that Focus recorded a BBC session for the "Sequence" program 30 January 1973, and the session aired 2 March of the same year. According to my source, this version is taken from a repeat on "Sounds of the Seventies". I've never seen this on any trade list (if it weren't for Ken Garner's book, I would have never found informations on this), so here it is. Unfortunately, the session presented here is not complete: according to the book, the whole session consisted of "House of the King", "Hocus Pocus", "Focus I", "Improvisation of Anonymous II" and "Sylvia/Hocus Pocus". Here we only have the first and the fourth track (which is introduced by Bob Harris as "Impressions of Anonymous II"), but the session is still quite long (23 minutes, the second piece clocks in at 20 mins). I think it's very good and worth hearing, expecially for the second track! Sound quality is quite ok, an off-air recording. It's a shame the master is probably lost forever, but half of the session surfacing is better than nothing!

01 House of the King
02 Improvisation of Anonymous II

Thijs van Leer: keyboards, flute
Jan Akkerman: guitar
Bert Ruiter: bass
Pierre van der Linden: drums

Seeded by: JacoZappa

Lineage: CDR received in a trade -> WAV (EAC secure mode) -> FLAC

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