January 24 2008
Aschaffenburg, Germany
'Colos Saal'

AUD-Master (Edirol R-09)>USB>HD>CDWav>FLAC frontend, Level 8>2CDR'S (AUDIO) or 2CDR's (FLAC)

Recorded with an Edirol R-09 Recorder (16 bit/44.1 kHz) and with an AIWA CM-DS6 microphone, mounted in a cap

CD 1:

01. Sylvia's Stepson (6:40)
02. House of the King (2:44)
03. Tamara�s Move (7:17)
04. Focus 7 (7:28)
05. Aya-Yuppie-Hippie-Yee (6:53)
06. Eruption (20:09)
07. Sylvia (7:04)

CD 2

01. Focus 3 / Focus 2 (8:47)
02. Round Goes the Gossip (6:04)
03. La Cath�dral de Strasbourg (7:45)
04. Harem Scarem (15:25)
05. De Ti O De Mi (10:24)
06. Flute Solo / Hocus Pocus / Introducing the Musicians / Drums / Hocus Pocus (reprise) (21:05)
07. Focus 1 (5:15)
08. Neurotika (5:38)

Total Time 138' 44''

Notes from the taper:

"Here is my recording ... The show was enjoyful and the S.Q. of the recording is near to excellent.
What you'll get is the raw recorded sound with not any kind of Mastering. One can lift the overall-levels a tad bit or do some
other kind of 'Mastering', if one have the mind to, but I think the overall sound is near to excellent as it is.
... As I haven't burnt AUDIO discs for me (only FLACs), so I just put the split with the two sets.
Sorry, haven't thought about some can not burn 90 min discs ... Of course, you can choose another way to burn it on AUDIO discs."

If the suggested split makes disc 2 over 80 minutes long and you cannot overburn, it works just fine to start disc 2 with Round Goes The Gossip.