Focus - Eric Morcambe Memorial Hall, Harpenden

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recorded near the front centre
A Disputandum Production

Thijs van Leer - Organ, flute, vocals
Pierre van der Linden - Drums
Menno Gootjes - Guitars
Udo Pannekeet - Bass

By choosing to use an ancient 1970's vintage PA rig,
Focus managed to produce a retro sound which suited them
perfectly in this small hall.
Bass bins all along the front of the stage and not a single
treble horn to be seen anywhere! A real working Leslie speaker
behind the organ too. . .

Set 1
Flute Solo and Introduction
Focus I
Anonymous II excerpt
House of the King
Focus IV

Set 2
Whose Calling?
Focus VI
Le Tombeau (Music for an Unmade Movie)
Harem Scarem (including Guitar and Bass Solos)
Thijs van Leer Solo
Hocus Pocus (including Introductions and Drum Solo)
Focus III
Answers? Questions! Questions? Answers!

Each set will fit a cd nicely should you wish to burn.
Enjoy and go and see the band if you get the chance!