Foggy Notion
May 15, 1983
WFMU Benefit
Maxwell'sHoboken, NJ
(Foggy Notion was a VU cover band comprising members of the the Trypes and Bongos)

Soundboard recording:
01. I'm Waiting For The Man
02. White Light/White Heat
03. Here She Comes Now
04. There She Goes Again
05. Run Run Run
06. I'll Be Your Mirror
07. Cool It Down
<All Tomorrow's Parties (missing)>
08. What Goes On
09. Kill Your Sons
10. Sister Ray
<Foggy Notion (missing)>

Audience recording:
11. I'm Waiting For The Man
12. White Light/White Heat
13. Here She Comes Now
14. There She Goes Again
15. Run Run Run
16. I'll Be Your Mirror
17. Cool It Down
18. All Tomorrow's Parties
08. What Goes On
09. Kill Your Sons
10. Sister Ray
11. Foggy Notion (cut)

From Stanley Demeski's collection
From YLT, 2-13-06:
"It was just beyond the grasp of our memory, but close enough that we
were able to track it down. We wrote to Rob Norris, pretty sure that
the band in question was Foggy Notion, and he wrote back:"

"it is indeed foggy notion. the date was tuesday may 15th 83 and it was
a benefit for WFMU.

foggy notion consisted of:

tim sherry (phosphenes) lead vocal and casio keyboard
michael carlucci (ward 8) lead guitar and vocals
steve lapore (grey district) of hoboken lapore chocolate fame, rhythm
rob norris (bongos) bass and vocals
stan demeski (phosphenes, ward 8, artificial intelligence, the feelies,
trypes and willies) drums

also lead vocal on I'll Be Your Mirror - janet tensen (rob's
lead vocal on All Tomorrow's Parties -- toni paruta (trypes)
guitar on Sister Ray and maybe Foggy Notion - glenn mercer"