MP3 of 'Fool for the City' in comments below

I taped this in late 1975 or early 1976 as I was using Scotch Magnetic Tape at the time. I very soon switched
over to Maxell and stayed there. I went to the 'Rock Around the World' website ( and found
the broadcast date for the show (which makes sense to me). I believe, given what the DJ states, that this show
was done at Trod Nossel Studios Wallingford, CT. and probably on 11/17 or 18/1975. I went to the Foghat website
( and found these 4 dates during the 1975 Tour. (At the start of track 3 the MC announces
that Foghat drove from Kentucky to Conn to play tonight.)

Nov 16 Louisville Gardens Louisville KY
NOV 19 Veterans Memorial Umbus, OH. you think they drove/flew from Kentucky to Trod Nossel Studios Wallingford, CT then to Umbus, OH?
You guys tell me...The show is incomplete and was edited down (only 4 songs)...But it does sound/remind me of
the Fleetwood Mac Show from the same location....

Remember....I'm just the messenger and it was 31 years ago.....and my dog (now dead) ate the message....

'Rock Around the World' Radio Show
Broadcasted 1-4-76
Recorded at 'Trod Nossel Studios Wallingford, CT' ?? 11-17/18-76
WBCN-FM Broadcast


Master 'off air' FM Reel [Scotch 207 7 1/2" reel (Revox) 7 1/2ips 1/4 track] --> Tascam CD-RW2000 --> EAC -->

1. Rod Price and Roger Earl Short Promo for RATW Foghat Show
2. RATW DJ Intro
3. Fool for the City
4. Wild Cherry
5. Honey Hush
6. Slow Ride
7. RATW DJ Closing Remarks