Enfield town celebration
Enfield CT.
July 10th, 2010

Lineage>Tascam DR-100-Internal cardiods- 44.1khz/16bit>TLH-Flac 6-checksum-torrent
Had to record from the back of the crowd, I have a broken leg and couldn't deal with the crowd.
I was filming and my brother ran the recorder for me, he moved around as best he could.

Arrived late, would have been on time but Foghat started around 7:00 unstead of 7:30 as posted
online. Started recording at the beginning of Driving Wheel, just missed a small bit.
The sound was real bass and drum heavy, the recorder picked up more of the guitar than i heard at the show.
I also filmed Terraplane Blues and included it in DVD format.


Disc 1

01. Driving Wheel-cuts in at beginning
02. Terraplane Blues
03. Stone Blue
04. Fool for the city
05. Blues leadin-I just want to make love to you
06. Encore-Slow ride

Video mode: NTSC
- Aspect ratio: 4:3
- Quality: Custom (8000 kbit/s)
- Resolution: 720 x 480 (CCIR-601 D1)
- Sample format: Interlaced (bottom field first)
- Video format: MPEG-2
- Audio format: Dolby Digital (AC-3) 2.0
- Encoding mode: Fast Encoding (1-Pass)
- Audio SmartEncoding ratio: 0.0 %
- Video SmartEncoding ratio: 0.0 %

DVD lineage>Sony DCR-HC30>Sony miniDV>Nero Vision 10 capture and DVD>TLH-checksum-torrent
01 Terraplane Blues

The Band

Bryan Bassett - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Charlie Huhn - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Craig Macgregor - Bass
Roger Earl - Drums