Foghorn String Band
The Skinny Pancake
Montpelier, Vermont
March 24, 2013 � Sunday

PA Patch > Sony PCM-M10 [24/96]
Mastered in WaveLab 6.0 with iZotope Ozone 5.0 dithered to [16/44.1]
Recorded by Bill Koucky

Caleb Klauder � Mandolin, Fiddle
Stephen �Sammy � Lind � Fiddle, Banjo
Nadine Landry � Bass
Reeb Willms � Guitar

** 16 Bit **

1st Set: ~ 64:06

1.Water Bound
2.Little Blue Eyes
3.The Grey Eagle
4.Wake Up In Glory
5.Who's Been Feeding You Corn
6.Engine 143
7.Jeff City
8.Let's Talk About Drinking
9.Tempie Roll Down Your Bangs
10.Beautiful Heaven I Know
11.Johnny Don't Get Drunk
12.The Memory Of Your Smile
13.Kickin' Up The Devil On A Holiday
14.I Gotta Know
15.Lady Of The Lake
16.Hell In Scissors >
17.Fall On My Knees

2nd Set: ~ 67:20

1.The Ballad Of Liza Jane
2.Down The River I Go
3.Le Sud De Louisiana
4.Kiss Me Waltz
5.Kenesaw Mountain Rag
6.The Mining Camp Blues
7.Little Black Train Of Death
8.Natural Bridge Blues
9.Going Home
10.Up Jump Trouble
11.Band Intros
12.I've Been All Around This World
13.Onen's Scatis
14.Gonna Walk Away From Your Heart
15.�thanks everybody�
16.Shortening Bread
17.Going To The Free State >
18.My Horses Ain't Hungry