**Matrixed-Mastered** by thir13en Productions

Folk Implosion
Cologne, Germany

CD: 63:35 min.
01 intro
02 opening day
03 lo-fi suicide
04 blossom
05 shake a little heaven
06 ball and chain
07 pole position
08 insinuation [drum machine]
09 checking in [drum machine]
10 that's the trick [real drums]
11 natural one [real drums]
12 barricade [real drums]
13 mood swing [real drums]
14 burning paper [drum machine with real drums]
15 slap me [real drums]
16 river devotion [real drums]
17 palm of my hand [real drums]
18 dare to be surprised [real drums]
19 [encore break]
20 better than allrite
21 daddy never understood
22 sputnik's down
23 background graveyard [title uncertain]

*A thir13en MTRX*
Dual Source Blend
Source 1: sbd>xlr>tascam dat da-p1>cdr
Source 2: sony ecm 9000v>sony hi-v5000>cdr

Recorded by pavemalk, mastered by thir13en

all tracks 'acoustic' except where noted
Lou Barlow and John Davis,
with Gary Held on drums and Tom Flynn on bass

This was the original Folk Implosion's only Euro tour and
John Davis' one and only performance in Germany.

The dvd will follow in August.

enjoy and please support Lou and John