Folk Implosion
April 24, 2001
Middle East, Cambridge, Mass
Opening for the Melvins

01 Intro (Russ on drum pad)
02 Burning Paper
03 Merry-Go-Round
04 "Where's John?"
05 Someone You Love
06 "You'd Expect That From Me"
07 Insinuation ->
08 Natural One
09 "Do Something"
10 Pole Position
11 Mood Swing
12 No Need To Worry
13 Kingdom of Lies ->
14 Daddy Never Understood [tape cut]
15 Rambling-Gambling Man*
16 Lo-Fi Suicide -> Noise Jam [Lou on acoustic]

Lou on bass (stage right)
Imaad Wasif on guitar (stage left)
Russ on drums & synth
* Bob Seger cover, with Dale Crover (Melvins) on 2nd drum set

Taped by jw603 from front row center, retransfered 4/06 for ZOMB.

Realistic omni clip-on mic > Realistic mono cassette recorder > master cassette >
Aiwa tape deck > Biamp EQ > DBX 266xl Compressor > IMX expander > Realistic EQ >
BBE 462 > Vipermax Soundcard > Cool Edit (Normalize,DC bias adjust, NR, and
track splitting) > CD 5/01 > EAC 4/06 (log file included) > FLAC

The IMX expander made the bass appear to the left
and the guitar to the right channel as it was on stage.
Vocals are a bit low, but guitar is well picked up.
Only known recording. I didn't tape the Melvin's set.