Minor crowd interference, although you can hear my daughter and I talking in a couple places. :-)
You can also tell that I was sitting in an aisle seat.
This is a 100% complete recording.

Artist: Foo Fighters
Venue: Dodger Stadium, Los Angeles, CA
Date: 2007-06-23

Lineage: SP-CMC-20>SP-SPSB-10(roll-off @ 69hz)>Sony PCM-RH1
Processing: SonicStage (import from MD)>WAV>Sound Forge 9.0 (equalize channel volumes, mild EQ)>CD Wave Editor 1.95.1 (track splitting, convert to FLAC)>Traders Little Helper (fingerprint generation)
Recording location: Sec. 38BBL, Row 8
Recorded by: me (dimeaholic)
Run time: 56:14.74

Set list:
01 All My Life
02 My Hero
03 Times Like These
04 Generator
05 Learn To Fly
06 Breakout
07 Stacked Actors
08 Everlong
09 Monkey Wrench
10 Best Of You

An MP3 (256kbps) sample is attached in the comments.

01 All My Life.flac:76f7f8baee9622cb81c76295f8422e61
02 My Hero.flac:e031f146dcda1b40ce10ce5152eed211
03 Times Like These.flac:8c3af07efa69439c8f3ce3ad6362459e
04 Generator.flac:fbde47ef35697be1fea46b29cbd56dd9
05 Learn To Fly.flac:ac6b87d9993c493031174d0e9e26f4b7
06 Breakout.flac:f3c5c7627995779de4fda9d4d9c3c881
07 Stacked Actors.flac:7d4dd74a066cb0a0e8ed018dd6c37b81
08 Everlong.flac:918f5996d8c46d843006ddfe5656108a
09 Monkey Wrench.flac:9c16a0d4863fa6008a35b8849322f436
10 Best Of You.flac:358be9683c8be1f54cd4ef85aea6d453