New FF source here. Very special thanks need to go to Sim for this recording. He recorded it. I just amplified, tracked, and
FLAC'd it so it could be shared.

Foo Fighters
09 October, 2007
Glen Falls Civic Center
Glen Falls, NY

01.Let It Die
02.The Pretender
03.Times Like These
04.Cheer Up, Boys (Your Make Up Is Running)
05.I'll Stick Around
06.Long Road To Ruin
08.Learn To Fly
09.The One
10.Stacked Actors
11.Skin And Bones
13.My Hero
14.See You (Part 1)
15.Band Solos/Guitar Smash
16.See You (Part 2)
18.Monkey Wrench
19.All My Life
20.But, Honestly
21.Best Of You

Core Sound Binaural->Edirol R-09 (Taped by Sim)


Adobe Audition 3.0 (Amplify to -.01db)->CDWAVE->Trader's Little Helper

Dave tries to get Pat to smash his guitar and he won't. So then Dave offers his guitar up for Pat to smash. When Pat won't
do it Dave finally smashes it himself and gave pieces to the crowd. All of the credit on this needs to go to Sim. He is the
one who recorded this and allowed it to be shared. All I did was amplify, track, and FLAC it to be shared. This is the first
source of this show to circulate so it's a pretty exciting find. Thanks again Sim!

Taped and shared by: Sim
Transferred and edited by:Brad Collins (Foofanatic)

If you or anyone else you know have ever recorded the Foo Fighters please contact me or one of the other guys at: Thanks!!