Foreigner - Feels Like The First Time Live
Chicago WKQX Radio Broadcast
Media: 1 CDR Audio
Time: 58:07
Source: FM Stereo Broadcast
Date: July 01, 1977
Location: Mantra Recording Studios, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Quality: Very Good (A-/A); minor signal drift during first track, but otherwise
no major problems

Lineage: FM > ?? > CDr > EAC (secure/offset corrected) > .WAV > FLAC (L5/Sector
boundaries aligned)

Fool For You Anyway
Love Maker


01 - Long, Long Way From Home
02 - I Need You
03 - Mick Interview
04 - Woman Oh Woman
05 - The Damage Is Done
06 - Headknocker
07 - Fool For You Anyway
08 - Starrider
09 - Feels Like The First Time
10 - Love Maker

Lou Gramm - Vocals
Mick Jones- Guitar, vocals
Al Greenwood - Keys
Ed Gagliardi - Bass
Ian McDonald - Guitar, Keys, vocals
Dennis Elliot - Drums


Foreigner playing live in front of a small studio audience with DJ interviews .
. . broadcast live on WKQX-Chicago. Good stuff!

Here's some additional info according to

"The band was brand new, doing arena shows with The Doobie Brothers. We were
offered the opening slot in Chicago on a stadium tour with Emerson, Lake and
Palmer. Along came Bob Pittman, a precocious (19-year old) program directorfr
om WKQX, a big rock station in Chicago. He said, "Do a live radio broadcast with
us and you can headline the Uptown Theater and sell out 3500 seats." CRISIS!
What to do, open for 80,000 kids or headline our own show? What if no one showed
up? At the last second I called Randy Hoch, our Atlantic Records Chicago
promotion guy. He said, "Go with WKQX and Pittman." We did. We sold out the
Uptown Theater!"

(Editor's note: Bob Pittman, among other subsequent achievements, created and
built MTV. Yes, MTV. He is presently a visionary executive for Time Warner.)

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