Frank Black
Tipatinas Nightclub, New Orleans, LA

Lineage: Soundboard> House tape deck>XLII>1st gen XLII > wt2496> Wavelab > cd-r(master) > SHN > FLAC (via Traders Little Helper) > you

01 Intro Tape
02 Organ Intro
03 Fear
04 War
05 Tossed
06 I Heard Ramona Sing
07 Los Angeles
08 Fu Manchu
09 Adda Lee
10 Hang On To Your Ego
11 Freedom Rock (instrumental)
12 Parry The Wind High Low
13 Ten Percenter
14 Two Spaces
15 Old Black Dawning
16 Dont Ya Rile 'Em
17 This Is Where I Belong (slight cut at beggining)
18 Duke Of Earl
19 Places Named After Numbers
20 Every Time I Go Round Here
21 Czar

Frank Black : Guitar and Vocals
Tony Mamone : Bass
Nick Vincent : Drums
Eric Drew Feldman : Keyboard and Synthetics
Joseph Alberto Santiago : Guitars

Notes: Recorded on the House tape deck at Tipatinas.
This is converted from first gen of that cassette.
Rarely been in circulation to this point (2006).
Many thanks to original taper and uploader.
Converted from the original shn as uploaded to dimeadozen back in 2006.
Also updated the txt file and tags. Music itself unchanged (apart from format shift).

einzack (2017-04-21)