Frank Black
McCabes Guitar Shop, Santa Monica

Lineage: audience > ? > cd-r (low gen) > EAC (secure) > wav > FLAC Frontend > flac > remaster > flac > wav > Abode Audition 3.0 > Cdwav > wav > Traders Little Helper > flac > you

iZotope RX > removed digi noise
iZotope Ozone > paragraphic equalizer

01. Old Black Dawning
02. Abstract Plain
03. Pray A Little Faster
04. Los Angeles
05. Pure Denizen
06. 666
07. Adda Lee
08. Kicked In The Taco
09. Headache
10. Superabound
11. Shazeb Andleeb
12. Skeleton Man
13. Creature Crawling
14. Sir Rockaby
15. Don't Ya Rile 'Em
16. Jumping Bean
17. At The End Of The World
18. Two Reelers
19. Calistan
20. I Heard Ramona Sing
21. Village Of The Sun
22. The Vanishing Spies
23. Modern Age
24. Wave Of Mutilation
25. Sister Isabel
26. Brackish Boy
27. The Cult Of Ray
28. Big Red
29. I Don't Want To Hurt You
30. I Could Stay Here Forever
31. Whatever Happened To Pong?
32. Oddball
33. Everybody Got The Beat (aborted)
34. Dance War
35. Everytime I Go Around Here
36. Punk Rock City

History: I obtained this set from a trade back in the late 90's sometime. I have no idea who I got it off, but it is a recording I had not seen on any other tradelists. I uploaded a rip of it to dime in 2007. In 2008, I found a copy had been uploaded to CeArt's blog (, and it mentioned it had been remastered, so I downloaded it to see what the remaster had done. It was a very nice job, but there were clicks and gaps between each track. So I decided to edit these clicks and gaps out. For some reason it's taken me 2 years to do. So here is the remastered and de-gapped version. A significant upgrade to my original upload.

Notes: Frank plays his acoustic guitar on tracks 1-27 before switching to electric for tracks 28-36. Small skip at 1:10 of track 3, and perhaps a small repeated section in track 8. There is also the odd pop, but these issues do not detract from a truly amazing recording and performance. Truly one of the best live recordings I have ever heard. It is an audience recording, but it's of such high quality that it could easily be released officially. You will be astounded by the quality of this.
The remastering done by CeArt just brings out that extra few percent, but my goodness it makes a difference.
A worthy upgrade to the original source.

einzack (2011-01-08)