Frank Black & The Catholics
Higher Ground, Winooski

Lineage: Analog Masters > Analog (1st gen) > cd-r > EAC v0.99 prebeta 5 (Secure Mode) > flac > you
Taper: Trevor Ayer

01 Man Of Steel
02 Superabound
03 All My Ghosts
04 Czar
05 Calistan
06 You're Such A Wire
07 Steak 'n Sabre
08 Skeleton Man
09 The Last Stand of Shazeb Andleeb
10 I Switched You
11 Los Angeles
12 The Holiday Song
13 Kicked In The Taco
14 Headache
15 I Gotta Move
16 Dog Gone
17 Back To Rome
18 Wave Of Mutilation
19 Western Star
20 So Hard To Make Things Out
21 666
22 Abstract Plain
23 Suffering
24 Speedie Marie
25 So. Bay
26 Sister Isabel

Notes: Missing a few seconds of the beginning of Los Angeles (tape was flipped). Also a few seconds missing in The Holiday Song (Trevor had to mosh a little, recorder got knocked). Abstract Plain also is missing a few seconds while the tapes were switched.
My copy came as part of a very extensive (100+ cd's) collection of Frank Black and Pixies recordings I acquired from a long-time collector. Most of the stuff has not seen much circulation, and I will endeavor to get through some/most of it in time.

einzack (2012-08-04)