Frank Black w/ They Might Be Giants
Electric Ladyland Studios
New York, NY
June 24, 1993, (Thursday) 10PM. EST

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Set 1
01. Intro
02. One Step Beyond
03. I Heard Ramona Sing
04. Los Angeles
05. Every Time I Go Around Here
06. Parry The Wind High, Low
07. Knock Knock Joke
08. Band Intros
09. Mammal (by They Might Be Giants)
10. Partical Man (TMBG)
11. Tossed
12. Adda Lee
13. Fu Manchu
14. This Is Where I Belong
15. talking
16. Ten Percenter
17. Czar
18. Spy (TMBG)

Official promo radio show. Commercials edited out w/Soundforge 6
and tracking done with CD Wave. Sector boundaries verified with shntool. All processing done by terrapinstation 09/05/2002.

Another Porky Prime Cut from Terrapin Station FTP!!