Simply put, here are one-and-a-half CDs of some of the choicest Sinatra rarities in circulation.

Frank Sinatra
From the Vaults
Archive 2201

100% unreleased session outtakes from the studios of Capitol (tracks 1-8) and Reprise (tracks 9-10) in pristine sound quality, featuring a number of complete alternate takes, plus some incomplete takes, false starts, and a wee bit of studio chatter.

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1. Nice 'n' Easy [April 13, 1960]
2. I Thought about You [June 30, 1955]
3. Weep They Will [September 13, 1955]
4. Same Old Song and Dance [March 3, 1958]
5. Where or When [September 11, 1958]
6. Stars Fell on Alabama [November 8, 1956]
7. What Is This Thing Called Love [February 16, 1955]
8. I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' [November 8, 1956]
9. You'd Be So Easy to Love [December 20, 1960]
10. You and the Night and the Music [December 21, 1960]

My previous "session" torrents have included disclaimers that the material being seeded may not be of much interest to the casual listener. I don't think that warning applies here.

Some of the material is eminently worthy of official release, particularly "I Thought about You," which is a completely different arrangement from the SONGS FOR SWINGIN' LOVERS version. We also get some very nice alternate takes of more familiar tracks.

On the other hand, some tracks contain ad-libs from Mr. Sinatra which probably rule out any chance of release. Some listeners may in fact find these moments alone worth the download.

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Frank Sinatra
From the Vaults-Two-and-More
Audio Archive AA 201

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The first half of this CD consists of more unreleased session outtakes from the Capitol years in pristine sound quality. The second half consists of broadcast material unacceptable at DIME, so these tracks have not been included. (It usually bugs me when people upload incomplete recordings like this, but I think this instance merits an exception.)

1. What Is This Thing Called Love [February 16, 1955]
2. The Tender Trap [September 13, 1955]
3. Moonlight in Vermont [October 3, 1957]
4. Lush Life [incomplete, May 25, 1958]
5. Willow Weep for Me [May 29, 1958]
6. Gone with the Wind [June 24, 1958]
7. She's Funny That Way [March 2, 1960]
8. How Deep Is the Ocean [March 3, 1960]

9. I've Got the World on a String [Showband Show, BBC broadcast, 1953] [omitted]
10. Day In, Day Out [Showband Show, BBC broadcast, 1953] [omitted]
11. Take a Chance [unknown broadcast, 1954] [omitted]
12. I'll Be Seeing You [1957 or 1958 television broadcast] [omitted]
13. From This Moment On [1957 or 1958 television broadcast] [omitted]
14. Baby, Won't You Please Come Home [1957 or 1958 television broadcast] [omitted]
15. I Believe [1957 or 1958 television broadcast] [omitted]
16. We'll Be Together Again [1957 or 1958 television broadcast] [omitted]
17. Lonely Town [1957 or 1958 television broadcast] [omitted]
18. I Love You [1957 or 1958 television broadcast] [omitted]

Track 4 is the only known Sinatra recording of Billy Strayhorn's "Lush Life." It consists of a couple of false starts, then a take that consists essentially of the song's verse, coming to a halt almost immediately at the start of the refrain. As far as is known, Sinatra never returned to the song, which is highly unfortunate, as what we can hear of both Nelson Riddle's arrangement and the singer's interpretation make it clear that they could have delivered a distinctive and inspired take on Nat Cole's classic 1949 version (arranged by Pete Rugolo).

As with the first volume, we also get a few improvised moments from the man in charge of the sessions. One of the false starts of "How Deep Is the Ocean," in which Sinatra changes a few key words, absolutely ruined the official version for me. I honestly can't listen to the opening of the official, very dramatic track (on NICE 'N' EASY) without breaking into a chuckle.


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