Frank Turner - Roundhouse, London - 15 May 2017 16/44.1 Master

Lost Evenings Night 4 - Greatest Hits 2

00 Koo Koo Kangaroo-Intro
01 Get Better
02 Glorious You
03 Josephine
04 The Next Storm
05 Out Of Breath
06 Recovery
07 One Foot Before The Other
08 Try This At Home
09 Polaroid Picture
10 The Way I Use To Be
11 Journey Of The Magi
12 Rivers
13 St. Christopher Is Coming Home
14 The Opening Act Of Spring
15 Mittens-Tech Issues
16 If Ever I Stray
17 Photosynthesis
18 Encore-Love Ire & Song
19 The Road
20 I Still Believe
21 Four Simple Words


Recorded just inside the right speaker stack, about 2/3 back from stage towards
mixing desk.

I had only been able to catch Frank at a couple of festivals over the past few years,
never been able to catch his own shows. As soon as I saw this festival listed knew I
had to try and get ticket for each night. I am so glad I did and stuck it out for the
4 nights, a truly memorable time.

Live music is a passion of mine and has been so since my first gig in 1980, The Jam at
the Rainbow. I was in Paris seeing Garbage the week before the attack in Paris at
the Bataclan. In fact I was at the Roundhouse that night watching Suede. These 4 nights
finishing just a week before the tragic events in Manchester, were a show of community
and friendship. Live music is to be enjoyed and will continue to be enjoyed, by me and
everyone else who chooses not to be defeated by those who think killing innocents can
achieve a warped sense of justifacation.

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