Frank Turner. Camden Roundhouse, London. Saturday 18th September 2021.

Sailors Boot
I Am Disappeared
One Foot Before The Other
Pass it Along
Wessex Boy
To Absent Friends
Peggy Sang the Blues
Song for Eva May
Nights Become Days
English Curse
Rock n Roll Romance
Balthazar Impresario
The Next Round
I Still Believe
off stage
If Ever I Stray
Glory Hallelujah

I have 21 tracks but may have cut the Sailors Boot into two tracks? This was my girlfriends gig so please bear with me. I'm out of my comfort zone here. My first time in central London since Covid and wasnt suprised to still find possibly the worlds worst Micheal Kors handbag tat and other shit on sale. Have to say I really dont miss that part of this utter fake depressing dump that is Camden High Street. I saw something dead in the canal. Might have been my face mask.

Sorry Amy, I'm not happy what they've done with your manor.

Anyway, Circle and District underground lines closed and we had to endure bus replacements on out way up from the south coast. Frank should send me a fucking medal just for actaully getting there. Scott of the Antartcic had an easier trip.

However, great to get mashed and moshed in amonged this gig and see the worrld coming back together. Pretty familier with most of this album due to my partner but apologies if I get a few splits in the wrong place.

Security was hardcore and in two stages. Physical and those matal detector things. The irony being my girlfriend go stopped because she has a 'big zip', and I was let through because I had a pirate sound recording system hidden on my person. They won't let you in with bottled water or other offensive weapons. Or big zips.

I was about 20 yards back nearer the right hand dide of the stack. Everyone clapping and singing. Like nutters. I was right in amongst it so that's the vibe on this. Great vibe and happy with this recording.

Linage = Sound Professionals-CMC-8 microphones mounted on Dalek hat #3 - Sound Professionsal-SPSB-10 battery box - Edirol R09 24 bit � Audacity (down to 16bit) - Wav Editor.