Frank Turner & The Sleeping Souls
Abbey Street
12 February 2016

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Taped & Transferred by Kagee

01 The Next Storm
02 The Road
03 Losing Days
04 Banter - Band Intros
05 Eulogy
06 If Ever I Stray
07 Try This At Home
08 Peggy Sang The Blues
09 Banter - Back in Black>Jailbreak
10 Josephine
11 Polaroid Picture
12 Father's Day
13 I Am Disappeared
14 Banter
15 The Opening Act of Spring
16 The Fisher King Blues
17 Faithful Son
18 The Ballad of Me & My Friends
19 Reasons Not To Be An Idiot
20 Glory Hallelujah
21 Mittens
22 Long Live The Queen
23 Banter
24 Recovery
25 Out of Breath
26 Photosynthesis
27 Plain Sailing Weather
28 Get Better
29 Encore Break - Banter
30 The Way I Tend To Be
31 Love, Ire & Song
32 I Still Believe
33 Four Simple Words

Another great show from Frank & Co - my 3rd time seeing them live.

Frank tells us as the start of the gig that he has a bit of a sore throat but this
doesn't stop him playing for nearly 2 hours.

Recorded from my usual position in the Academy this one turned out pretty good. Crowd
around me where there to enjoy themselves especially the very polite German ladies
in front of me.

For the old fashioned amongst us who still burn to disc I'd suggest splitting after Faithful Son.

Remember to support Frank Turner - buy his albums, go to his shows & buy his merch.

Enjoy the show!