Frank Zappa 1968 October 06 The Beat Club, Bremen, West Germany
38.40 min, Pre Broadcast SBD A+

Title: LIEDERLICHES Episode 5
First Broadcast Date: 1970 10 15 on German TV Station ARD
This Copy is from the converted BETACAM SP Mastertape
Cassette: SONY E-60PR

Transferred: SANYO VCR>WAVELAB 3, 44kHz 16 bit DUAL MONO

Lineage: Betacam SP->VHS (SANYO VCR>WAVELAB 3, 44kHz 16 bit DUAL MONO)->SoundStudio (editing, tracking)->xACT FLAC lvl 8

The original tape had the interview as track 2, I've moved it to the end so all the music plays together.
The volume fluctuations on the first track Improvisations is in it's original form, but I've included an attempt to reverse the sound engineer's fades and sound tests - This track is 01a Improvisations and can replace the original track or be left out of any CD you burn.

01 Improvisations
02 King Kong
03 Pound For A Brown
04 Sleeping In A Jar
05 Uncle Meat
06 Lohengrin
07 Let's Make The Water Turn Black
08 Octandre
09 Interview

xxhoff & unicrayon for Zappateers.