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4-Nov 1973, Brooklyn College, NYC
Late show: 94 min, Aud, A-/B+
Cosmik Debris, Village Of The Sun, Echidna's Arf, Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? (incl Happy Birthday), Pygmy Twylyte, Idiot Bastard Son, Cheepnis, Montana, Improvisations, Dupree's Paradise, Dickie's Such An Asshole, Son Of Mr Green Genes/King Kong/Chunga's Revenge

Lineage: master->CDR->CDR->EAC->SoundForge (speed correction, some minor editing, re-tracking)->FLAC Frontend

I'm quite certain this is a raw transfer of The Grape's master. Because of the "darkness" of the sound, the question has been raised whether it's been modified somehow. But my 2nd gen tape from the mid-90s turned out to have just about the same spectrum, so it's most likely just the question of a somewhat dark recording.
Suggested disc split between track 10 and 11.

01 intros and soundcheck
02 Cosmik Debris
03 Village Of The Sun
04 Echidna's Arf
05 Don't You Ever Wash That Thing?
06 Pygmy Twylyte
07 Idiot Bastard Son
08 Cheepnis
09 Montana
10 Dupree's Paradise (incl. Happy Birthday)
11 Dickie's Such An Asshole
12 Son Of Mr Green Genes
13 King Kong
14 Chunga's Revenge
15 Green Genes reprise