Frank Zappa
01 October 1974 Basel, Mustermesse, Schweiz / 2nd show

SBD from 3rd gen tape 105 min after pitch correction.
I got this tape in 1993 with several other tapes, so no MP3 involved or anything like this

Soundquality A- SBD

3rd gen Tape >Nakamichi Dragon> Soundforge ( just song splitting)> Wav> Flac

No Noisereduction used on the way to your enjoyment.

Since I know the "real story" about the tapes, I'm not sure whether this is 3rd or 4th gen,
but I believe the guy, that told me then, that he had a 2nd gen tape...

Tush Tush Tush Intro
Village Of The Sun
Echidna's Arf
Don't You Ever Wash That Thing ? > " jive sucker.....go on play that.....who you're driving...who you're driving with
that solo Ruth Underwood ? get down Ruth......don't play me no marching band something funky.....with a
very heavy beat in four part harmony that the kids can enjoy........look at her nipples, standing up, she is so excited ...
play your solo Ruth ...oh c'mon Ruuuuuth...........yeah thats more I like it....hahaha...get her as long as she is hot folks,
january 1st no more...c'mon finish your tune Ruth....."
Dupree's Paradise > tapeflip at 6 min 40 secs
Dupree's Paradise II
> Encore
Pygmy Twylyte
Room Service
Tush Tush Tush Outro