Frank Zappa - "The New Year's Eve Tape" broadcast 1974-12-31 (aka "The UN concert"(various sources from 1973 mixed by FZ)) - A Dime Christmas present

I can't even begin without express thanks to the following people for their help and enthusiasm in making this project possible:

The Hunger City Staff
The kind people of Zappateers
Dime's Moderators

Without them, this torrent might have never seen the light of day. PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT the 1974-12-31 New Year's Eve concert! It's a reel of material passed by Frank Zappa to various radio stations, consisting of 1973 concerts.

This is perhaps the only available source for this material in this form. What's in here is the Zappa New Year's Eve concert broadcast on WLIR-FM in Garden City, New York on December 31, 1974. This was taken off-the-air on a twin push-button Realistic reel-to-reel at 7.5ips as it happened. My friend Steve and I had tried to go from our Long Island homes into Times Square in New York City, but it just didn't happen due to the bad weather. We each bought a bottle of Beaujolais instead, returned to my room, and nearly spit up the wine laughing at this show. Parts of it are still funny enough today to split your sides.

It has to be said that what's actually in the torrent is different than what the announcer says it is, and therein lay the confusion (and possibly the different variations).

After going through Hunger City, then directly through the Zappateers, this set of unreleased material is as follows:

Setlist (run time 53m 07s)

Announcer Introduction
Zappa's Introduction aka "Tango Chat"(Wayne, New Jersey 1973-11-11)
Pygmy Twylyte/Dummy Up (W/Coffee, unknown date/Location)
Be-Bop Tango Excerpt (unknown date/location)
The Story of Dupree's Paradise (NYC, NY 1973-11-22, late show)
Yellow Snow Suite (Sydney, Australia 1973-06-24)
Guitar Event(Lowell, Massachusetts 1973-11-30)
Bebop Tango Contest (Waterloo, Canada 1973-11-18)
Announcer's Closing Remarks

Technical notes: The Realistic deck was notorious for engaging with the buttons not completely depressed. After the commercial break, one side wasn't pushed in properly and the sound became distorted until the problem was noticed and the button was pounded in on the fly. During this portion, the distorted side was deleted and the good side was copied over. So a part of it is in mono.

Lineage: Transfer to wav 2008-10-13 ->Sound Forge ->FLAC via TLH, level 6, sectors aligned and verified, FLAC integrity checked.


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