Ensemble Giorgio Bernasconi dell'Accademia Teatro alla Scala
Peter Rundel direttore

Reggio Emilia IT, Teatro Municipale Valli
2018-10-12, ore 20.30

taper alifib (zoom h2n internal mics)
remaster rdwm

01 Dog-Meat
02 Outrage at Valdez
03 Times Beach II
04 III Revised (1992)
05 The Girl in The Magnesium Dress
06 Be-Bop Tango
07 Ruth is Sleeping
08 None of the Above
09 Pentagon in Afternoon
10 Questi Cazzi di Piccione
11 Times Beach III
12 Pound for a Brown
13 Exercise #4
14 Get Whitey
15 G-Spot Tornado
16 Uncle Remus
17 Inca roads
18 Dog/Meat
19 G-Spot Tornado
20 Be-Bop Tango

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