1970-11-14 & 1970-05-18

Please note:
a) Dates and venues are only presumed.
b) liberated Japanese silver boot CD "Live in West Germany 1970".
c) otherwise virtually uncirculated shows; both shows are clearly incomplete.

Lineage: Japanese silver boot CD "Live in West Germany 1970" > CD-R > wav > FLAC (level 8) > Dimeadozen > all Freenatix!

Sound quality vg(+) (3 out of 6)
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Front cover in torrent (PDF)

Track list
"Reel #1"
1 Fire And Water
2 I�m A Mover
3 Ride On A Pony
4 Be My Friend
5 The Stealer
6 Woman
7 Mr. Big
8 Don�t Say You Love Me
9 Songs Of Yesterday

"Reel #2"
10 The Hunter
11 Walk In My Shadow
12 Songs Of Yesterday
13 Woman
14 Free Me
15 I�m A Mover
16 Mr. Big

Info on the recordings' origins:
Now, this is something of a curiosity: World's #1 Free expert and appreciator (who asked me to remain unnamed here from now on) and I did some THOROUGH research to find out about the source, dates and venues for these two shows as the boot's cover does not reveal any details. We found out that both are definitely NOT re-hashs of previously circulating shows as we both have had for long every 1970 show that is "around".

The only thing the boot CD reveals though is the note: "Taken from the original reel to reel tapes (Recorded by a Japanese taper who lived in Dusseldorf 1970)." We sure all know how to take info on bootlegs but there may at least be a grain of truth to that since it is really a Japanese release so there may be a compatriot connection between the taper and the bootlegger. Also, Free did really play Duesseldorf twice in 1970, and all of their other shows surrounding these two dates date were pretty far away from D-Town. Hence, the most likely assumption is he taped his shows at venues in his temporary home town. He also never seemed to have passed on his reels or copies as these two shows have never turned up in trading circles in about half a century!

First, Free played on the third day of the 16 - 18 May 1970 three-day whitsun/pentecost "Joint Festival" at the Duesseldorf Eisstadion. They did not appear on all posters and programs (and on one as a Dutch band!), so perhaps they were a late addition. The set list as noted "Reel #2" on the CD is very similar to their known 27 April 1970 Berlin Deutschlandhalle show with the common oddity of "The Hunter" serving as the opener.

The - chronologically - second show (labelled "Reel #1") appears to be their 14 November 1970 Duesseldorf Philipshalle show during their second 1970 German tour where they were supported by Colosseum (who would return on 7 April 1971 for another show with Gentle Giant opening).

BTW, there is a more recent - also Japanese - version of this bot CD out, titled "West Germany 1970 Revisited", whose cover artwork you can easily find on the net; I don't know though if that is a straight or a tweaked copy.

Hope this info helps more than it confuses - and don't forget to take it with at least one grain of salt, OK? :-)

Thanks a LOT to my fave Free expert for these two shows!

Please do NOT sell this show or spread it in lossy formats - otherwise: trade, share, collect � and enjoy! Always looking forward to your comments and possibly even further info...

Uploaded to Dimeadozen on 11 February 2020 by DocDondy for all fellow-Dimers to enjoy.

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