Friends Of The Devils Lettuce
Ardmore music hall
Ardmore, PA
April 20, 2019

Source: Schoeps CCM41's > Beachtek DXA-SLR Ultra > Sony M10
Location: Clamped to the rail about 25' back stand at 10'
Recorded, edited and seeded by Michael Buzzeo

Set 1

01 banter
02 ?
03 My sisters and brothers (LM)
04 They love each other (GPJ)
05 New speedway boogie (CJ)
06 Sitting here in limbo (CJ)
07 The maker (LM)
08 That�s what love will make you do (LM)

Set 2
01 Eyes (GPJ)
02 Friend of the devil (CJ)
03 Just kissed my baby (GPJ)
04 Get out of my life woman (CJ)
05 Sugaree (GPJ)
06 Scarlet bagonias (CJ)
07 Waiting for a miracle (LM)
08 ?

09 Aiko Aiko (LM and GPJ)

The band:Steve Kimock, George Porter Jr., Aron Magner, John Morgan Kimock,
Leslie Mendelson and Cris Jacobs