Full Cord Bluegrass
Parliament Room at Otus Supply
Ferndale, Michigan

Source: Josephson C42 + Schoeps MS(MK4+MK8) > Tascam DR-680(24/96)
Location: FOB/left side of Stage Stand at 7'
DSP: SD Card(24/96) > Adobe CS6 Mixing/Tracking/Flac Conversion(24/96) > Foobar2000(Id3 tagging)
Recorded/Transferred/Processed/Seeded By: Samgangee

* A Team Dirty South Recording *
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01 Cindy
02 Downtown
03 Gainesville Rain
04 Boneyard Vamp
05 Blue Mule
06 West LA Fadeaway!
07 Road To Tavistock
08 Memphis
09 Thunder Clouds Of Love
10 Valentine@#
11 Ride Like The Wind$

! Dawg Funk tease
@ With Kate Meinel Kirchner on vocals
# First time played
$ Grant Flick on vocals for one chorus

Grant Flick and Matthew Davis played chess during the show. Grant