Visulite Theater
Charlotte, NC

Audience Recording by Richard Flynn FOB Center. This is the first thing I ever recorded. Thanks, Rick!

Edirol R09HR (at 24/48) with internal mics> HDD>split Sony Sound Forge 9>downsampled in Sony Sound Forge 9> encoded to flac level 8and aligned on sector boundatries in TLH

Scott "Fudd" McKinney, guitar and vocals
Matt "Shorty" Miller, mandolin, vocals
Neil Abercrombie, banjo
Rick Stapleton, bass vocals (subbing for Tim Conard)
Russ Betenbaugh, keyboards on 9 and 10

01 Crowd noise, tuning, band Intro
02 Hobo's Prayer (Scott "Fudd" McKinney)
03 Sin City (Chris HIllman- GramParsons)
04 E.M.D. (David Grisman)
05 Swingtown (Steve Miller)
06 The Weight (J. Robbie Robertson)
07 John Hardy (traditional)
08 One More Dollar (Gillian Welch)
09 No Time (Acoustic Syndicate cover--writer?)
10 Brown-Eyed Women (Robert Hunter/Jerry Garcia)