G. Love & Special Sauce - Live @ Greek Theater_Berkeley CA_AUD 2007-08-11

Recorded and Uploaded by primateking

CSB Core-Audio Mic w/Bass Rolloff Filter 30ft. Front Right->M-Audio Microtrack 24/96 44.1 24-bit .wav->transfer to PC via USB->Tracking and Fades in Sony Soundforge 9.0->converted to Flac Level 8 with TLH

01-don't drop it.flac
02-back of the bus.flac
04-let the music play.flac
05-hot cookin'.flac
06-city living.flac
07-garbage man.flac
08-booty call_why don't we do it in the road.flac
09-blues music_walk on the wild side_can i kick it (ft. ozomatli).flac
10-baby's got sauce.flac
11-cold beverages.flac
12-gin and juice.flac
13-wiggle like a worm.flac
14-can't go back to jersey.flac

Part of the "Summer Haze Tour" 2007.
G. Love followed Ozomatli and preceeded Slightly Stoopid.
Ozomatli is featured on "Can I Kick It?" (Track 9).

Please accept my deepest apologies for any talking you may hear on tracks 2,6,7,8,10 or 14. This was my first attempt at recording a concert and was ignorant to the fact that our voices would be so prevelant.

The recording quality sounds quite good considering...



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; generated on August 13, 2007, at 12:18 pm

28b4ad7e2e29f517c5b8bbf06e288665 *01-don't drop it.flac
b7cd33d58036e6294d9cb5b4ceff3396 *02-back of the bus.flac
468a19e7eaad89f9b8e119dbc4b8a4c5 *03.flac
f1423491775e66409b604ac6cb032b4c *04-let the music play.flac
86538a696d5fe34ce32b45755ecd6f21 *05-hot cookin'.flac
4716e7b00bbf2717f31a9c4dac65f4c3 *06-city living.flac
1fb9f3412d490ce764d6e83d0a609e13 *07-garbage man.flac
7e0b47fc83c4de3d1d4e63ec0bdd263b *08-booty call_why don't we do it in the road.flac
74d4b435aaa517c2806ce6d31a412c94 *09-blues music_walk on the wild side_can i kick it (ft. ozomatli).flac
e23863e2a793c318e9176cf198f72f0c *10-baby's got sauce.flac
aa358b5652ad2a1f6b72f61d4e388118 *11-cold beverages.flac
e0ba45a8dbcfeeb1c9092d4b90c887b8 *12-gin and juice.flac
760a09b899d2e5b76084d652e2015b85 *13-wiggle like a worm.flac
706c90abd1fed6dd08b9f8489438abe1 *14-can't go back to jersey.flac