Paradise Rock Club
Boston, MA

Source: Schoeps CCM4 > Oade M248 > DA-P1 > DA-P1 (left side of balcony, extended out on a pole)
Transfer: DAT(0) > Panasonic SV-3700 > Microtrack II > WAV
Post-transfer editing: WAV > Wavelab v6.10 (minor edits) > CD Wave v1.98 (tracking) > TLH > FLAC(8)
Tagging: foobar2000

Taped by: Rob Shiner
Patched by: Eric McRoberts
DAT transfer by: Dave Mallick
Post-transfer editing: vanark
Set list/tracking assistance: ScottT

Set One:

01. Intro by RadioActive
02. instrumental???
03. Church
04. Doublewide
05. Go Go
06. Love On The Run
07. Start From Scratch
08. Running Man
09. Thrill
10. instrumental???

Set Two
11. //Jam with RadioActive*
12. instrumental???
13. Hamp's Hump
14. instrumental???
15. Something's Wrong With This Picture
16. Century City
17. My Mind Is Hazy
18. Change My Ways
19. As Big As Your Face
20. Crazyhorse Mongoose

21. Meter Maid (with RadioActive "Really Like This")
22. instrumental???
23. Quiet Please//

* "We'll All Be Together" crowd participation, drum/beatbox duet, keyboard jam, Krasno jam

Notes: Second set cuts in, beginning missing. This is on both the master and patch copies.
Tape quality degrades at 2 hr. 33 min. with dropouts and clicks. Single dropouts repaired at 2:33:08 and 2:35:42.
Last part of final song not included due to the dropout issue that was too numerous to repair. Perhaps
there is a more complete copy out there, but since this show doesn't appear to circulate and the quality
is good, this incomplete version is worth circulating.

Thanks to Eric McRoberts for loaning his master DAT, to Rob Shiner for taping, to Dave Mallick for
transferring the DAT, to ScottT for the track list and tracking help, to Mike Tarkanian for inquiring
about the show which led me to ask Eric. Getting this show circulating is the result of a search for a
North Mississippi Allstars show with Al Kooper from 2000. Not only did it result in this recording
getting circulated, but also the North Mississippi Allstars show. It also resulted in Dave Mallick and
I collaborating on about a dozen uncirculated Blues Traveler recordings, courtesy of Mike H. (aka mudpie).