May 20th, 1999
The Fabulous Satellite Lounge
Houston, Tx

Taper: Jon "Peanut" Riesenfeld
Source: Audio Technica AT822 > Sony TCD-D8
Transfer: Richard "Patchy" Mayberry
Linage: Sony A6 > Monster Optical Cable > Sound Studio(mac) > xAct
Tracking/Song Assistance: mccordo(from

Set 1

01. Blue Pepper
02. Baker's Dozen >
03. Somethin's Wrong with this Picture
04. Check out your Mind
05. Century City
06. Ready, Willin' and Able
07. Root Down

Set 2

01. Hit the Wall
02. Do Rag
03. Go Go
04. Love on the Run
05. Start From Scratch
06. Change My Ways
07. Such a Thrill
(No encore)

Blue Pepper
Baker's Dozen
Somethin's Wrong with this Picture
Check out your Mind
Century City
Ready, Willin' and Able
Root Down
Hit the Wall
Do Rag
Go Go
Love on the Run
Start From Scratch
Change My Ways
Such a Thrill

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