Girdwood, Alaska
Alyeska Ski Resort
July 13th, 2003

Sonic Studios DSM6/L -> PA-6LC2 -> Sony WMD-6 Cassette Deck

Master Tape -> Tascam 112MKII -> Digital Audio Labs CardDeluxe


1. Pocket Full of Sapp
2. Crazyhorse Mongoose
3. Moog Marmalade
4. Cheekybird
5. Thrill
6. Saturday Night Special
7. All Behind You Now
8. Blue Pepper
9. Groove Holmes
10. Bobski 2k
11. 2 Clowns
12. Africa (Alaska)


1. Runnin' Man
2. Hamps Hump
3. Buckit Like a Horse
4. Root Down
5. Doublewide/Spicoli's Toe
6. Sweet Leaf

I'm not sure I ever came out of a show with a better recording. Am I sure I got the setlist right? Of course not. With this band, it's impossible to be sure, even when they provide them.

These guys blew me away. They played about 5 1/2 hours between the two nights, and didn't repeat themselves... At all. Everyone in this group is a badass in his own right.

For a couple years, there was a promoter doing off-season shows at Alyeska Resort. That has since stopped, along with just about everything else musical up here.

-D.P. ~ Igloo Graffiti ~ Fairbanks, Alaska