Galactic, "Displaced Halloween Bash", Stubbs BBQ Outdoor Stage, Austin, TX, 2005-10-31

Neumann SKM184 (ORTF, 10', FOB, DFC) > SD722 (24bit/96k)
AFsp ResampAudio (16bit/44.1k) > wavbreaker > Audacity (fade out/in) > flac
Taped, wrapped, and stomped by pigiron
Setlist and txt updated, SBE verified and tagged by: John F.

Disk 1
1. Funkybird > Tiger Roll > Space Headz
2. It Ain't What You Think*
3. Doublewide > Go Go
4. Who Took The Happiness
5. Metermaid > Two Dots
6. Africa$
7. BK Instrumental

Disk 2
1. Lickity Split^
2. Garbage Truck

3. Sympathy for the Devil%
4. Baker's Dozen#

* w/ "Big" Sam Williams on Trombone and Joseph Cabral(The Iguanas) on Tenor Sax and Eric Lucero on trumpet
$ w/ Ivan Neville
^ w/ "Big" Sam Williams on Trombone, Joseph Cabral on Tenor Sax and Ian Neville on Guitar
% w/ JJ Grey on Vocals
# w/ Joseph Cabral on Tenor Sax, "Big" Sam Williams on Trombone and George on Percussion

Notes: Setlist and stats taken from

From the original text file:

"If there's any bright spot in the New Orleans tragedy, it would be that some
great musicians migrated together toward Austin Texas when the water started
to rise.

So this year, when Galactic once again put on it's unofficial annual Austin
Halloween bash, there were talented friends from back home to greet them...
and the rejoicing spilled onto the stage. That's why it wasn't just the silly
costumes (Stanton's "Who's the Big Baby" baby clothes) causing the big grins
and the high fives flying in abundance.

This atmosphere was spreading a "good" viral infection, causing the masses to
bounce in unison... and infecting JJ Grey from the opening group MOFRO, as
he put on his rendition of "Sympathy for the Devil" in the encore.

So listen to a "family" reunited."