The Roxy
Atlanta, GA

1st set

Doublewide > Mario Groove
Crazyhorse Mongoose
Blue Pepper
Chicken Pox
Little Miss Lover
Soul Rebels tune*
Baker's Dozen*

2nd set

Garbage Truck
Hot Pants Road
Immigrant Song
Jump into the Fire ^ (Harry Nilsson)
Can You Do Without?^ (Meters)
Walk on Guilded Splinters^
2 Clowns

E: Licorice
Quiet Please

* with Soul Rebels Brass Band
^ with Papa Mali on guitar and vocals

Source: AKG 392Bs (omnis)(FOB, 5 feet ROC, 8' up) > W-mod UA-5 @16/44 > iRiver HP-120 (Rockbox REP mod)
Transfer: HP-120 > Audacity (fades, normalize, envelope tool, amplify [set 2 only]) > CD Wave (tracking) > FLAC

Taped and transfered by Jeff Holland