The Independant
San Francisco,Ca

DPA 4011 TL(DIN 90)Audio Magic Hyperconductor>
Sound Devices 702@24/48

Transfer:CF Card>Soundforge 8.0(resample/dither/fades)
>FLAC(level 8)

Taped&Transfered By; Brian Lee (

SET ONE: Crazyhorse mongoose, Garbage truck, Chris cross, Something's Wrong (Houseman), Start From Scratch (Houseman), Century City (Houseman), Sunday araq (glen hartman), Cissy strut (leo and ivan), Change Reform (leo, ivan), People say (leo, ivan)

SET TWO: Doublewide> Go-go, Truth is out (Houseman), Never called you crazy (Houseman), Bittersweet (Houseman), moil, Sweetback (derek freeman/radioactive), Blackbird special (kirk), Who took the happiness out? (kirk and leo), Hey pocky way (houseman, ivan, ian, leo)

ENCORE: I'm a ram (Houseman)