MOTB Original Recording
Release Date: 2009-10-18
Band: Galactic w/special guest Corey Henrey on trombone
Date: 2009-10-17
Venue: Brooklyn Bowl
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Digital Audience Source: AUD Master 16/44.1
Lineage: 2 x B&K 4022's @ 13ft. DINa or there abouts => Sound Devices SD-722 >> 24/96 WAV
Recorded By: Adam Egert
Transfer By: Adam Egert
Mastering By: Adam Egert

Set 1:
d1t01 - Introduction >
d1t02 - Bongo Dog
d1t03 - Balken Wedding
d1t04 - You Can't Fly If You're Too High
d1t05 - Tuff Love
d1t06 - Boe Money
d1t07 - Hot Pants
d1t08 - From The Corner To The Block

Set 2:
d1t09 - Boban w/DJ Logic
d2t01 - Can I Be Your Main Squeeze?
d2t02 - Who Yook The Happiness
d2t03 - Chicken Pox
d2t04 - FEMA
d2t05 - DumpTruck
d2t06 - F To The Bone
d2t07 - Santa Cruz
d2t08 - Encore Call and Intros
d2t09 - Two Clowns w/ DJ Logic >
d2t10 - Doo Rag w/ DJ Logic >
d2t11 - Two Clowns w/ DJ Logic
d2t12 - Technocheck Collision w/DJ Logic

Stand at 13ft just in front of the SBD

== Frank Zappa's Band Oct 1976 - Mar 1977 ==
FZ, Ray White, Patrick O'Hearn, Terry Bozzio, Eddie Jobson, Bianca [Thornton] (through Nov. 9)