recorded for Euroradio Jazz Season at Banlieues Bleues festival, Espace Paul Eluard, Stains (Saint-Denis, France) on satuday 14 March 2009

Ben Ellman, tenor saxophone, mouth-organ;
Jeffrey Raines, guitar;
Richard Vogel, synth and Hammond;
Robert Mercurio, bass;
Stanton Moore, drums.

with guests Shaman Allen (trumpet) and Winston Turner (trombone) from Rebirth Brass Band

since 1994 a New Orleans-based jazz-funk ensemble; originally an eight-piece, the group soon pared down to an instrumental sextet with occasional guests. Very possibly just a highlight of a longer set. Also included in the folder, marked as track 00, a brief radio introduction in ITALIAN with bio notes and commentaries - this intro runs for 1'38", you can skip downloading it if you don't understand italian. Please upload this show on bt.etree

(00 radio introduction by Pino Saulo) 1.38
01 Fema [Galactic] 5.16
02 Blackbird [Dirty Dozen Brass Band] 7.16
03 D-Boy [Lil' Rascals] 8.56
04 Tuff Love [Galactic] 7.01
05 Manic Depression [Jimi Hendrix] 4.25
06 Techno [Galactic] 4.50
07 radio outro 0.24

running time : 37'44" (without radio intro and outro)
with radio intro and outro, it would be 39'46"

FM radio broadcast by "Il Cartellone - Radio 3 Suite Jazz", Radio 3 RAI [third channel of Italian national radio], on tuesday 19 January 2010, 21:38 hours.

Lineage (FM > wav > web):
Sony ST-370 > Sony PCM-D50 linear PCM recorder > 44.100khz/16bit wav > usb transfer > Audacity 1.3.5 Beta (editing and track splitting) > 16bit flac's (level 8) >

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05-Manic Depression.flac:331e1fbd6cef00f56bfa07b95251fed5
07-radio outro.flac:766b04338a9cded11c1565db9855577c