Minneapolis, MN
April 9th, 2010

media type: FLAC (24 BIT)
source: AT853's > Deneke ps-2 (1/8" plug mod) > Microtrack24/96 (@24/48 via line in using two 1/4" mono phono jacks converted from 1/8" ps-2 stereo plug) > USB > WAV
location: by the dudes with the big rigs
taper: crazyafroman
trade status: can trade

*Show with Cyril Neville and Corey Henry. Great show! Hope you enjoy this one as I did. Mics got bumped
a few times by people walkin through. Sound is solid.

Taper notes:

***This show is for free trade only, do not sell this recording!***
***Do yourself a favor and listen to this in 24 bit***
***Do not encode to lossy format unless its for personal use only***