The Beachcomber
Wellfleet, MA

Recorded by John Lynch
Transferred and seeded by Andy Murray

Clamped to rail DFC
DPA 4023>Lunatec V3>AD2K(24bit/48khz)>Tascam HDP2

CF Card>USB>Macbook Pro>Wave Editor(tracking,fades,resample(izotope)/dither(mbit+) to 16bit/44.1 khz)>XACT(FLAC 8,ffp,fix sbe)

***** This source fades out during How Many More Times due to a battery failure*****

1 Set
2 Discs

01. Intro
02. It Ain't What You Think
03. You Don't Know
04. All Behind You Now
05. Night People
06. Keep Steppin'
07. Boe Money
08. I Don't Know But It Sure Is Funky
09. What Is Success
10. This Is How We Roll
11. Funky Bird
12. Total Destruction To Your Mind
13. Bittersweet
14. Love Rears It's Ugly Head
15. Hoo Nah Nay
16. Cineramascope
17. Going Down
18. Heart of Steel
19. How Many More Times(Fades out during song)