Higher Ground Ballroom
S. Burlington, Vt.
6/26/11 ( Sun. )

Sennheiser K3U/ME40 > Canare XLR's > BM2P+ UA5 > S/PDIF >
Microtrack 2 ( 24bit/48khz )

At FOH 8' High, DFC, PAS

SanDisk Ultra II 8gb CF > USB > PC

Soundforge 8.0 ( Fades, Resample 48khz to 44.1 w/Anti Alias Filter, Accuracy 4.
Dither 24 to 16bit Highpass Triangular, Highpass Contour. ) >
CDWav ( Tracking ) > Flacfrontend ( Level 8, Tags )

Taping and Transfer:
Brett S.

Thanks to:
Galactic, The Road Crew, and Everyone at the Higher Ground

Special Guests:
Corey Glover ( Living Colour ) - Vocals
Corey Henry ( Rebirth Brass Band ) - Trombone
Jonathan Freilich - Guitar

One Set

Ain't What You Think
Balkan Wedding
I Don't Know What It Is, But It Sure Is Funky
Never Called You Crazy
Night People
Keep Steppin'
Boe Money
You Don't Know
This Is The Way We Roll
What is Success
Funky Bird
Total Destruction To Your Mind
Bittersweet >
Ooh Nah Nay
Goin' Down
Heart of Steel

How Many More Times