Waterfront Blues Festival
Portland, OR
July 7, 2012

Again for this year, the 25th Annual Festival, KBOO FM broadcast the shows. As always there are some inherent problems with the broadcast. Drops, reception, etc. Have fun & enjoy the tunes, twofthrs

FM> H2 Zoom> HDD> FLAC> Dime

I have no expierence with Galactic. Please help with the se list.

Set List
01 Instrumental
02 Total Distruction to Your Mind
03 You Don't Know
04 Hey Na Na
05 Instrumental
06 I Don't Know, But It Sure Is Funky
07 Never Called You Crazy
08 Instrumental
09 Instrumental
10 Going Down
11 Unknown
12 Instrumental
13 Out In The Street
14 Heart Of Steel