(w/ Corey Glover)
Revolution - Fort Lauderdale, Florida
January 19, 2013
Schoeps MK4V (DIN 20cm/90 degrees vertical address NOLA bar)DFC/FOB miniBogen at 11'>
KC5>CMC6>Tascam DR100mkii (Ultra SD card @ 24bit:48Khz w/120hz bass rolloff)>
Adobe Audition CS5.5 (+4db and 16:44.1khz conversion)>CDWav tracking>Trader's Little Helper FLAC + fingerprints - Fluffyhead4V

Let's Do It Together
You Don't Know
Hey Na Na
Balkan Wedding
I Am The Walrus>
Heart Of Steel>
Boom Boom>
Move Fast (vocals Henry, Glover & Art Official) end cd1
Keep Steppin'
I Used To Love Her
I'm Tired
Lonely Town
Cult of Personality
Ooh Nah Nay
What Is Success
E:50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

Jeff Raines � Guitar
Robert Mercurio � Bass
Richard Vogel � Keyboard
Ben Ellman � saxophone, harmonica
Stanton Moore � Drums
Corey Henry - Trombone/vocals
Corey Glover (In Living Colour) - Vocals

Art official - opening hip hop band from Miami

*Galactic's sound man was beyond amazing - the room sounded incredible. Right before the encore I looked back
and he was sneaking a copy of the setlist in my tiny Portabrace bag. I was impressed. 10 minutes after the
show and two doors over Stanton was having a drink at the bar at the Pour House. A great night out in South Florida.

Happy Birthday! - MK