January 31, 2014
First Avenue (Main Room)
Minneapolis, MN

AKG 480b/CK63(DIN) > Naiant LittleBox > Roland R-05, 24/48
Format: 16-bit, 44.1 kHz, Samplitude (dither, resample)
Recorded and transferred by Rick Odeen (

01. Cineramascope
02. Sunday Araq
03. Hey Na Na (Maggie Koerner vocals)
04. He Calls Me Momma (Maggie Koerner vocals)
05. Dolla Diva (Maggie Koerner vocals)
06. Tornado
07. Go-Go
08. Quitters Never Win (Maggie Koerner vocals)
09. You Dont Know (Maggie Koerner vocals)
10. Daddys Song (Maggie Koerner vocals)
11. From The Corner To The Block
12. Groovy Lady
13. Shibuya
14. Its A Mans World (Maggie Koerner vocals)
15. Like A Feather (Maggie Koerner vocals)
16. Heart Of Steel (Maggie Koerner vocals)
17. Boe Money
18. Encore Break
19. Does It Really Make A Difference (Maggie Koerner vocals)
20. I Want You Back (Maggie Koerner vocals)

Jeff Raines- Guitar
Stanton Moore- Drums
Robert Mercurio- Bass
Ben Ellman- Saxophone/Harmonica
Richard Vogel- Keyboard
Corey Henry- Trombone/Vocals
Maggie Koerner- Vocals

Thanks to Galactic, First Avenue and Sue McLean and Associates for allow the night to be recorded!