Galactic Live at Phases of the Moon Festival 2014-09-11
Kennekuk County Park, Danville, IL

Source: Shure m81>Tascam DR-100mkII(24/96)
Conversion: Tascam DR-100mkII(24/96)>Audacity(16/44)>TLH(8)
FOB, 3' ROC. 9.5' High
Taped by Otterman

** 16bit **

New Moon Stage

~ Set ~

(Missed 1-3(?) songs at beginning, set notes)

Higher and Higher *
He Calls Me Mama *
Right On *
4 ? Instrumental tune ?
5 ? Instrumental tune ?
Rock Steady *
Hey Na Na *
Keep Steppin'
Let A Woman Be A Woman - Let A Man Be A Man #
Funkier Than A Misquito's Tweeter * ^
Dollar Diva *
Boe Money
Bass Jam>
Drum Jam>
Boe Money
Heart Of Steel *
Does It Really Make A Difference *
I Want You Back *

* Maggie Koerner 1,2,3,6,7,10,11,16
# Ivan Neville
^ Nina Simone Song

CRB performed before Galactic on another stage.
All bands were on rain delay so Galatic started
immediatley after CRB. After getting hit by a workers
car early in the day I thought it would be best to mosey
on over and at least listen in to the Galactic Set.
Well the music was to damn hot not to record so I might
have missed the first 2-3 songs.

Total Run Time: 1hr 29mins

Kick ass show btw!
FOH sound person did an awesome job.