The Warehouse, Fairfield Theatre Company
Fairfield, CT

Source: Schoeps mk41>NBob Actives>Naiant Tinybox>Sony PCM M10 @24/44 (FOB, ROC, 30cm/50 deg, @12’)
Transfer: 24/44 files>Audacity >FLAC16
Taped/transferred by: chk

01 Karate
02 Right On*
03 Hard Times*
04 A.P. Tureaud
05 Sunday Arak
06 Out In The Street*
07 Hey Na Na*
08 Like A Rolling Stone*
09 65 Bars And A Taste Of Soul
10 Long Live The Borgne
11 Running*
12 Dolla Diva*
13 Does It Really Make A Difference*
14 Tornado
15 Moil
16 Heart Of Steel*
17 Cineramascope
18 Going Down Slowly*

* w/ Erica Falls on Vocals

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