Waterfront Blues Festival
Portland, OR.
July 2, 2017

Here it is again this year, Waterfront Blues Festival. I'm not going to be recording much this year. I'm just to busy with family and retirement. The radio station is still cutting in at weird time to announce all the station call numbers. To me it's an annoyance. I'll try to edit these out if possible.

Cheers to all, twofthrs

GALACTIC is a uniquely New Orleans phenomenon; a 20-year instrumental project that synthesizes the full spectrum of New Orleans music into an edgy, urban fusion incorporating New Orleans horn-driven funk, the region�s exuberant jazz, blues, hip hop, electronica, blues, �second line� marching brass, and the local frenetic funk-rock style called bounce. The brightest lights of Louisiana also appear as guest artists on Galactic�s 11 albums, which have featured blues legend Walter Wolfman Washington, R&B queen Irma Thomas, cult �sissy bounce� legend Big Freedia, and R&B/soul star Macy Gray.

At the core of the band is rhythm section including Stanton Moore, who has a devoted following among drummers world wide, and bassist Rob Mercurio, who with saxophonist Ben Ellman forms a brilliant writing, arranging and production team. Guitarist Jeff Raines and Hammond organist Rich Vogel round out the band

The band�s most recent album INTO THE DEEP features such contributors as JJ Grey, who has spent significant time touring with Galactic, gospel icon Mavis Staples, and Macy Gray, who fronted the band at the band�s last appearance at Waterfront two years ago.

Galactic appears on the festival main stage Sunday, July 2, and later headlines the festival�s after-hours show at the Marriott Grand Ballroom.

Set List
None. I'm not familiar with this band at all and only recorded for fans of thiers, since I know there are many. Please help with set list as you can. Thanks.